Monday, January 11, 2010

Diary of a maintenance

Welcome, I don't know if I remember how to blog but I'll give it a go! To usher in 2010 I'll begin with a conversation that took place this morning between Nick and myself.

Setting: Nick's car, white 2007 BMW
Where: On the way to drop me off at work because my car was left there last week when I got a ride to the airport.
Time: 7:15am

Me: "Wow look at the fluffy, pretty snow coming down, they said it will only accumulate to 1 inch but it looks like it will be more"
Nick: "Ugh, why couldn't we have gotten your car last night, I'll never make it by 7:30."
Me: "I was ready at 7 and you said that would give us plenty of time for you to get to work on time, I didn't know there would be this much snow"
Nick: "We should have gotten it last night!"
Me: "I couldn't get a hold of Kyle to find out if he left my keys inside work or locked in my car so I didn't want to risk going all the way up there and finding out they were locked inside work"
Nick: "Ugh"

3 minute annoyed silence

Me: "What's going on with your tire? The maintenance screen here says you have really low tire pressure and that you shouldn't go more then 50mph because it's going flat"
Nick: "Oh that, it's fine, it's not losing air, this thing is always wrong, I've checked it and filled it up with air a few times and it's fine."
Me: "Well that's weird...I know they're really sensitive but remember a few months ago when my tire kept losing air and I thought nothing was wrong and turns out there was a nail in it?"
Nick: "I've checked it and filled it, the computer must be wrong"
Me: "Ok, well it's just weird that it keeps telling you that every time you fill it up if it's wrong..."

2 minute silence

Me: "So you actually checked the air pressure with a gauge?"
Nick: "Well I filled it up and it looks fine."
Me: "So you didn't actually check the air pressure?"
Nick: "No, it looks fine and I've just filled it up a couple times"
Me: "So it looks fine but you've had to fill it up several times and the computer is wrong?"

Pause when he says nothing

Me: "So I don't wanna be mean but do you really think you're qualified to look at a tire and know whether it has a leak because I work for a tire and wheel company and I was wrong about my own tire so I'm just saying that it's tough to make a visual call by sight alone and maybe you should get it checked out..."

1 minute silence

Nick: "I guess I can call and make an appointment with BMW..."
Me: "Well why don't you just take it over to Wearmaster in Canton where I know the owner and he fixed my tire and he'll help you out."
Nick: "No I have lifetime service with BMW"
Me: "But it's 30 miles away and this will likely cost you only $10"
Nick: "No, I'll call BMW."
Me: "Okay, well if you still don't believe something is wrong we only have about 50 tire air gauges laying around at work, do you want me to check it when we get there just to be sure?"
Nick: No I don't have time.
Me: "It will only take a minute."
Nick: "No, there's not time"
Me: "Okay"

I get dropped off at work, give a quick kiss goodbye, and head into the office. I'm making my oatmeal, brewing coffee and checking my email for the next 15 minutes when I realize I have a voicemail from Nick. Without checking the voicemail I call him right back and he picks right up.

Me: "Hey is everything okay?"
Nick: "No, my tire's flat, I had to fill it up with air, I don't know how long it will last and I have to be in South Lyon for basketball practice at 4."
Me: ".....................Hmmm, well why don't you drive it over to my office on your lunch break so we can switch cars and I'll take it to Wearmaster."
Nick: "Yeah ok, thanks.

Just a day in the life folks, hope you had a great holiday and fabulous NYE!!


DJ said...

lol. Nice blog. You have a lot of patience! :)

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